Prescription Drug Abuse

The numbers of people suffering from prescription drug abuse are rising; it is estimated that in the United States, about a third of people aged over 12 are under the prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse mostly from taking a solid dosage form. Finding prescription tablets and capsules in your home that have an imprint on them can be identified by using a pill identification wizard.


Who are at Risk in Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is described as either taking another person’s medication or taking your own medication contrary to the dosage recommended by the doctor. Many people, for instance, are popping pain pills all the time because of the high that they induce. There are many who now suffer from Hydrocodone addiction, Oxycodone addiction and addiction to many other pain medications.


Most people who start abusing prescription medications do it because they believe that it is safer than taking harder drugs. They may think, for instance, that taking Vicodin for a high is better than taking cocaine. As a matter of fact, the numbers of people taking traditional hard drugs is dropping. It could be because drug users are turning to painkillers for their high.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Painkiller dependency develops because of the way the medications interact with the brain. Pills have the same addictive effect as drugs such as marijuana or coke. The body, however, is not designed to deal with too many pain pills for a long time. The pills have to be flushed out and processed by the liver and over time, liver damage is inevitable. The other problem with prescription drug abuse/addiction is that the body develops a tolerance. If you are ever to need pain medication because you are in pain it will require such high dosages that they could easily kill you.

 Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse

Teens seem to be more at the risk of developing prescription drug abuse. They usually get pills from their friends and many do it just to fit in. There are some who claim that pain pills help the study better but there is no scientific evidence that this is true. The fact of the matter is that they like the buzz they feel when they take the pills. When addiction eventually develops, the only way to get treatment is through rehab – an uncomfortable prospect for any teenager.


Elderly people are also at risk of painkiller dependency and prescription drug abuse because they are often sick and require medication. The risks are even higher if they have struggled with addiction in the past. If you are a caregiver it is very important that you monitor a senior’s medication carefully and look for signs that they may be developing tolerance. Addiction in seniors can be treated in a number of ways.


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