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Pill ID provides Free Pill Identification

Free Pill Identification provided to the public for its own personal use or for the user’s immediate family. A subscription is invited from professionals and all others. Professionals please go to Pill ID.com and create an account.


Example of an imprint with two features: USL 10; with 3 features: 93 150 3.

‘Quick Pill Search’ uses exact imprint features. Use upper and lower case alpha characters, matching the imprint (markings) on the pill exactly. We will identify you pill.

Separate each feature of the imprint with a space. Up to ten alpha-numeric features may be entered in the search box. Overlook any logo feature for now; any related logo feature will be displayed for you to make a choice, after this initial search.

If there is only logos on your pill, type “Logo” into entry box and all pills with only logos will be displayed. If you need help or would like to watch our short instructional video go to the help page.

Want the Pill ID.com iPhone APP for free? Watch the video and enter your email address for a free copy of the “No Ads” version of the PILL ID iPhone APP.

Pill ID New App


The Pill ID API provides direct access to the PillID.com Pill Identification service, which stores the master copy of an extensive, and up-to-date databases providing a definitive identification (Pill ID) from the imprint’s alpha characters, numeric digits and logos. This database is one of the most extensive and up-to-date databases found anywhere.


Utilizing our patented look up routines, we provide a definitive identification (ID) that include logos when others cannot. A definitive Pill ID makes it unnecessary for the user to search through long lists of possible matches, as is often the case when using other resources on the Web.

Pill ID Formats

Our Pill ID API is currently available in two different formats , XML and JSON. These code snippets are to be embedded into your web site and formatted to the customers specifications. The API is also available for WordPress blogs as a plugin and can be installed and utilized with no programming experience within 10 minutes.


There is no database installed and no search computations done on the publishers site. There is also no sizable source code addition to the publishers site, there is no performance impact. Our WordPress plugin is less than 300k bytes. Our API does require an ‘up to date’ host with the capability to run PHP.

Pill ID Resource

When your web based application requests a resource, PillID.Com authenticates your request. It first verifies your application key is valid, matches to your IP address and has the matching URL. Your site is then are permitted to read the information provided by the resource.


You can place the entry box anywhere on your site and customize the surrounding text to suit your needs. When using the WordPress plugin version of the Pill Identifier API you can place the entry box anywhere on a page or within a post with a simple short-code.



Feature PILLID.COM search on your website or blog.


The searches performed via the Pill ID API utilize the same rule sets, error responses and results as the “Quick Search” on the PillID.com website. For more information on featuring the premier pill identification search our your website, contact us at Pill ID.


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New Pill Identifier

New pill identifier - drugid.info

New Pill Identifier on drugID.info

When is it important to make a pill identification? One important time is when you find a tablet or capsule in an unexpected place outside its pill bottle. On the floor, in a pocket, or wherever you find an unidentified solid dosage form, it is time to use the New Pill Identifier on DrugID.Info.


According to a September 17th 2011 Los Angeles Times article drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the United States. The article claims that because of increased prescription narcotic overdoses, drug deaths now outnumber traffic deaths.  The article goes on to say that while most of the numbers of preventable deaths are going down, the numbers for drug overdoses are going up. Prescription drugs or combinations of prescription drugs and alcohol are causing more deaths than morphine and cocaine combined. The problem has been characterized as a problem originating in our own medicine cabinets.


Many adults and children are prescribed powerful anti-anxiety medications or ADD / ADHD pills and combining these with other narcotics and or alcohol may cause fatal results. Sometimes these powerful pill cocktails are used recreationally with devastating outcomes.  Parents may also have prescription pills and medications from previous medical conditions around the house. They should make a pill ID  and use our new pill identifier to be sure they have not been substituted for a non narcotic, and then discard them.


Concerned parents should be aware when they see a pill outside its prescription bottle that it could be evidence of a potential tragedy and know where to go to identify these pills. When you find a tablet or capsule outside of its pill bottle the easy way to identify pills is the new pill identifier on DrugID.Info.

New Pill Identifier

The statistics are disheartening with drug fatalities more than doubling for teenagers from 2000 to 2009. What is even more surprising is that drug deaths more than tripled for middle aged persons from 50 to 69 years of age during the same period. This can be avoided through our new pill identifier. You have to wonder how many of these deaths are from mixing up medications and not making a proper pill ID? There is evidence that sometimes double dosing occurs when a busy or forgetful adult cannot remember if they have taken their meds. Using marked bins with dates and times prevent accidental overdosing from forgetfulness.  Resources are also available when pills get mixed together and the patient cannot make the proper pill identification. Drug ID .info is such a resource to make pill identifications with its new pill identifier.


Prescription drugs must be marked with an imprint or emboss that can be used to identify the pill. These imprints often include a logo as well as alpha and numeric characters. No pill ID databases available today catalog logo imprint information except the patented database used by Pill ID .com and Drug ID .info in its new pill identifier. When identifying a solid dosage form observed all the features of the imprint. Follow along the pill identification wizard and enter the logo, alpha and numeric information in each screen. Only when you include all the imprint features can you be sure of a definitive pill ID. If the new pill identifier identifies the drug as for a prescription or narcotic product, the parent is alerted to a potential problem.


Drug ID .Info provides free and new pill identifier for parents, and end users of solid dosage form medications. These pill ID’s include legal status and legal scheduling. When you need to know, Drug ID .Info with it’s New Pill Identifier Wizard is your trusted source for tablet and capsule identification.


New Pill Identifier API for your website.


DrugID.Info is powered by PillID.com, using the new pill identifier wizard API available as a WordPress plugin as well as JSON or XML code snippets.

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Prescription Drug Abuse

The numbers of people suffering from prescription drug abuse are rising; it is estimated that in the United States, about a third of people aged over 12 are under the prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse mostly from taking a solid dosage form. Finding prescription tablets and capsules in your home that have an imprint on them can be identified by using a pill identification wizard.

Who are at Risk in Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is described as either taking another person’s medication or taking your own medication contrary to the dosage recommended by the doctor. Many people, for instance, are popping pain pills all the time because of the high that they induce. There are many who now suffer from Hydrocodone addiction, Oxycodone addiction and addiction to many other pain medications.


Most people who start abusing prescription medications do it because they believe that it is safer than taking harder drugs. They may think, for instance, that taking Vicodin for a high is better than taking cocaine. As a matter of fact, the numbers of people taking traditional hard drugs is dropping. It could be because drug users are turning to painkillers for their high.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Painkiller dependency develops because of the way the medications interact with the brain. Pills have the same addictive effect as drugs such as marijuana or coke. The body, however, is not designed to deal with too many pain pills for a long time. The pills have to be flushed out and processed by the liver and over time, liver damage is inevitable. The other problem with prescription drug abuse/addiction is that the body develops a tolerance. If you are ever to need pain medication because you are in pain it will require such high dosages that they could easily kill you.

 Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse

Teens seem to be more at the risk of developing prescription drug abuse. They usually get pills from their friends and many do it just to fit in. There are some who claim that pain pills help the study better but there is no scientific evidence that this is true. The fact of the matter is that they like the buzz they feel when they take the pills. When addiction eventually develops, the only way to get treatment is through rehab – an uncomfortable prospect for any teenager.


Elderly people are also at risk of painkiller dependency and prescription drug abuse because they are often sick and require medication. The risks are even higher if they have struggled with addiction in the past. If you are a caregiver it is very important that you monitor a senior’s medication carefully and look for signs that they may be developing tolerance. Addiction in seniors can be treated in a number of ways.


Worried that a loved one may have a problem with prescription drug abuse? When you find an unknown tablet or capsule, go to https://pillid.com for a fast pill identification along with legal status.


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